Think green when doing your gardening

The evenings are getting longer and the temperature is slowly getting warmer. If you have a garden, perhaps thoughts are turning towards planting or maintaining shrubs and flowers.

Landscape Innovations has advice if you want to have a greener garden. You can also share your tips with us.

A shade sail is a great feature to add to your garden, especially when wanting to protect your garden furniture and keeping all of your vegetables and plants safe. Shade sails are manufactured from strong fabric that is designed to block u95% of sun’s harmful rays. Visit this website for shade sails from an independent company in Townsville.

Looking after your environment

Gardening can benefit the environment - for example, by creating spaces for wildlife or producing your own food. However, not everything you do in the garden is good for the environment.

Here are a few steps you can take to make your garden greener.

Grow your own

Growing your own food can be good exercise and could save you money. It can also provide you with a healthy supply of fresh, seasonable fruit and vegetables. It’s easy to get started and there are lots of places you can grow plants, even if you don’t have a garden. More tips here.

Sheds and garden furniture

Choosing sheds and garden furniture made from sustainably-produced wood can help prevent illegal logging and deforestation. There are many other things you can do to help the environment while getting the most out of your garden.

Stay healthy

While gardening can be fun and a pastime to help keep you active, you should never overdo it. Remember when lifting or carrying anything around the garden to make sure you prevent too much strain on your back.

Also, if sunny, remember to apply sun cream before and during your time outdoors.