Over December, we closed our doors for a month long renovation. We are now proud to say we have a stunning, new and elegant garden centre.

Let us talk you through what has changed.

Access for everybody

We had a fabulous, new set of automatic doors put in! This means that anybody can access our beautiful centre without struggling, especially those with physical impairments. These new automatic sliding doors were supplied and fitted by the lovely team at Erreka Automatic Doors. See other benefits.

These doors came in a stunning musky green colour, of course, to match the rest of the building and we couldn’t be happier with how they look! Thanks very much Erreka.

New Year, new cafe

Even our cafe has been revamped. Now seating over 45 people, we offer a larger range of food with all vegetables locally grown. We have worked tirelessly with our new kitchen staff to ensure we are providing the very best ingredients for our customers.

Settle down after a long shopping trip and enjoy an organic hot chocolate and nestle into our menu. We now have a gluten free, vegan and veggie menu. Something for everyone!

Something for the kids

We now have a playground area for the little kiddies! As we know garden centres aren’t for everybody, we have now added an extension on, just for the children. They will have access to a multicoloured slide, swings, a merry-go-round and more. See products here.

Suitable for ages 2-9.