Quick guide to decking, patios and pergolas

Creating a deck, patio or pergola is a great way to make the most of your garden and extend your living space during the summer months. Getting the most out of your outdoor space requires careful planning and, although it is possible to do yourself, it’s often a good idea to get expert advice and help if your project is complex.

Our guide to decking, patios and pergolas will help you make the right decisions and ask the right questions.

Companies to create your patio, decking or pergola:

Is my garden suitable?

It’s important to consider the amount of space available, the terrain you will be working with and factors such as the proximity to your property and the properties of your neighbours. Decking usually works well on rough or sloping terrain as it can even out the surface without major excavation, whereas patios may be more suitable if the ground on which you are building is less stable.

You should also consider how large the deck or patio will be in proportion to the rest of the garden and whether it will create the right balance for your lifestyle.

Another thing to consider is the trees that are in your garden. Do they have overhanging branches? Are they taking up too much space where you want your decking, patio or pergola? If so, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with arborists in Brisbane as they can offer you a solution to your tree problems, typically by removing the tree. Click here.

How will I use the space?

Decking can provide space for a range of activities – from simply sitting outdoors, to dining, gardening, sports, barbequing or a hot tub, but in order to make sure you get the right structure, you’ll need to consider the usage in advance. More information.

The weight and space requirements of these activities may require specialist materials to be used. Your builder will be able to advise you on the best materials for the job.