The Nordic countries are famous for their achievements in design – especially interior design. Their manufactures are the true trendsetters when it comes to what’s in and what’s not in the world of home decorations and renovations. Please contact us for more ideas.

The ant chair, the swan chair and the egg chairs are all products of a Danish interior mastermind Arne Jacobsen, and you all know the Swedish IKEA – it is currently the largest furniture retailer in the world.

All Scandinavians appear to have it in them – being stylish in every aspect of their life seems to be effortless for all of them. And if you don’t have any Norse genes, don’t be sad! If you are not born with it, you can learn it afterwards.

Here are a few basic and great ideas that can inspire you and help you to turn your home into a picture-perfect place that deserves to be displayed on the pages of a magazine:

  • Bring the outside inside

All Scandinavians adore nature. It is essential part of their living and this can be seen in their homes. If you have large windows, don’t hide them behind heavy curtains and blinds! Let the sunshine penetrate through them and let the daylight become a part of your interior.

Always make sure you have plants at home! Whether it’s a glass vase full of yellow tulips or a pot of red chrysanthemums – they will both bring a sense of freshness into the room. See: 8 Best House Plants.

  • Light walls and floors

Keep your walls and floors in light colours or even white! Choosing neutral colours will make a red shelf and a couple of orange cushions really stand out in the room. Don’t leave the white walls plain- chose a few pictures that you love - have them framed and hang them in the living room.

  • Appreciate the wood

If you have wooden floors, don’t spend your money on a huge expensive carpet that will hide them. Instead, refresh the wood and let it become a part of your room. Maintain your wooden window frames properly – they can create a warm feeling.

You can also invest in beautiful, wooden timber blinds. HeartWood Shutters in Sydney has an extensive range of timber shutters. As timber is a light material, blinds can be made to cover larger windows without the risk of damaging hinges.