If you are considering buying a new metal garden shed then you can do no better than asking AGS Commercial to install it for you.

In addition to a thicker gauge steel, which is protected by a hot dipped galvanised system, these sheds come in a multitude of sizes and designs to suit most customer’s wishes, ranging from five feet to ten feet wide.

Plastic Sheds

Many customers inform us that one of the main reasons that they decide to buy plastic sheds is that it will be maintenance free and following a routine clean using a standard household cleaner, the shed will again add to the neat appearance of their garden.

Wooden sheds are constructed with quality in mind and not just to a price like some of our competitors. If you are looking for a wooden garden shed that will last for years, then we highly recommend AGS Commercial.

Safety and Security

There should be secure locks on the doors and windows and maybe even a shed alarm installed (available from DIY stores). There should also be a fire extinguisher installed by the main entrance (also available from DIY stores), and this should be serviced at regular intervals.

Comfort and Wellbeing

Ensure you have natural light flowing through should you have windows. If the windows can be opened this will also provide fresh air, although if your windows cannot be opened then DIY air vents (again, available from DIY stores) installed into the doors will do the same job (a joiner should be able to do this for you).

The shed should have methods for warming and cooling the temperature at various times of year. Electricity in the shed is not essential, but it allows the use of lighting, fans and heaters.