Each year, Maidstone Households throw away over 60,000 tonnes of rubbish, of which over 65% could easily be recycled. Contact us for more advice.

By simply reducing, reusing and recycling our waste, we can reduce the strain on natural resources, reduce the harmful effect we have on the environment and reduce the cost of waste disposal.

If you have a lot of junk that needs to be taken care of, but you aren’t sure what can and cannot be recycled, don’t fret and let the experts take over. Rubbish Clearance Kent provides commercial, domestic and recycling services to your local areas. In addition, they also provide garden clearance services to help give you the garden you have always wanted. Find out more.

We can all make a difference!

Community Waste Action Fund

The Kent Waste Partnership (KWP) has previously set up a Community Waste Action Fund (CWAF). The purpose is to help focus the actions of community organisations on reducing, reusing and/or recycling household waste.

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Remember to recycle over during busy times of the year!

We all know what it’s like during Christmas and Easter, things get hectic and we often forgot to do things that we wouldn’t normally forget. For example, recycling. See how you can reduce energy.

This Christmas people in the UK will generate an extra three million tonnes of rubbish and the amount of wrapping paper thrown away could cover almost 7,000 football pitches! So please remember to recycle this Christmas!

Where & when can you put your waste?

  1. Wrapping paper and cardboard packaging can be recycled at cardboard recycling banks around the borough, or in your green bin if you receive the new recycling collection service. Please do not put wrapping paper in the paper recycling banks/boxes.
  2. Glass bottles and jars can also be recycled at recycling banks around the borough. 13,350 tonnes of glass is thrown out in the UK during the festive period, from champagne and sherry bottles to mincemeat and cranberry sauce jars.
  3. Real Christmas trees can be recycled at the household waste recycling site in Burial Ground lane, Tovil or put out for collection with your green garden bin or green garden waste sacks. The trees will be sent for chipping and composting.
  4. Christmas cards can be recycled by placing them in the paper recycling banks around the borough, in your black paper box or in your green recycling bin if you receive the new recycling collection service.