Developing property is a great way to starting your own business and becoming your own boss. We have created a guide on how to become a successful property developer and dominating the property market.

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How do you begin your property development?

You must have a plan of action based on what goals you are looking to achieve. Long term goals often cover income and capital growth.

Many developers choose the buy-to-let option which is a long-term solution. This allows you to build up a vast portfolio of rental properties allowing you to provide an income.

Another option is buy-to-sell. This is a quick return on your investment. The faster the property i finished the more profit you will make.

Become a property developer

How do you finance the project?

A lot of property developers take out loans from banks or private lenders. Private lenders are more in favour as the entire process is much faster than what banks have to offer.

We recommend Hunter Finance for all commercial property projects in the South East of England. A commercial property loan is a great funding option for investors, developers and property businesses. If you would like to speak with Hunter Finance directly, call 01825 749721 today.

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What’s the right location for my project?

Finding the right location is crucial and will be the result of the final payment you receive. Look for areas that are up and coming because property will be cheaper, but has the potential to offer amazing ROI’s.

Find areas that have clear signs of gentrification and growth - updated transport links, new shops and recent investment to roads and local areas.

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You can also contact Landscape Innovations for advice.