As we all know, the design of houses are changing. We want a much more open and inviting space, that not only looks good, but feels it too. It can also provide your home with a closer touch to the outside. See: Features for every garden.

Simplistic furniture and decorations are in favour as well as large rooflights and windows as the statement piece – it invites natural light into the home and brightens it up. Who wouldn’t want their home to be refreshing?

Bring contemporary design‎ to your home

Flat roof lights offer your home style, warmth and light, as well as bringing outside’s beauty into your home. Integrate more light into your home, for less with EOS Rooflights.

Light is nature’s own beauty and plays a massive part in interior design – interior designers look for ways to improve lighting in every home. Like the sound of stunning rooflights in your home? Click here for your free, bespoke quote.

Sleek, high performance rooflights‎

Each rooflight provided by EOS has been handpicked for design, glass specification and low U Values, which can save you money on your energy bills whilst your home looks better than ever. See: 5 ways to save money.

You can choose from the following rooflights:

  • Opening
  • Fixed
  • Modular
  • Eco
  • WalkOn
  • Circular
  • Access hatch

Rooflights designed to your specifications

When choosing any style of rooflight there are specifications that come to mind, one is safety. Having peace of mind over a statement piece in your house is essential, that’s why EOS offer a free upgrade to 32mm laminated double glazed unit for their fixed rooflights – the glass is designed to stay together, a much safer option.

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Another factor is low U Values. U Values measure how effective the rooflight is as an insulator, which is why when you’re shopping for the perfect rooflight for your home, ask about the U Value. This means your home can still look stylish, without losing heat through the rooflights. Contact us.